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Marriage is an institutionOrdained by the CreatorFor divine purposeSo that man may enjoy It is an institutionWhere you keep learningTill death do you partFor peace to reign Where compromise takes placeWhere your patience is testedWhere endurance resurfaceAnd tolerance is the key Where trust mattersCommunication becomes a mediumA medium of revelations and new discoveriesA medium toContinue reading “Marriage”


Heaven is a city of peaceWhere there is no painNo sorrow or tearsHeaven is peace itselfShould we talk about Its lovely creatures?The crystal watersThe lovely birdsThe beautiful butterfliesThe well arranged treesShould we talk about the golden houses?In the city filled with God’s lightThe saints with unblemished and immortal bodiesShould we talk about the angelic voices?MadeContinue reading “Heaven”

Judgement Day

I will tell God on the day of judgementTo let Nigerians bypass judgementWe are living in hellNigeria itself is hellWe live in pains and agonyWe wallow in poverty and insecuritiesThe fear of the unknownIs the beginning of NigeriaNigeria has happened to manyEven to the conscious onesShould I talk about our politiciansWho we see as leadersContinue reading “Judgement Day”

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